Is it really me?
I don't remember any kitten
ReFace Technology allows us to create characters so realistic that millions of people around the world do not doubt that they are real.
incredibly real
Jason Statham
The account of unreal Jason Statham in TikTok has 8 million followers and 49 million likes. Every new video with him instantly goes viral.
It's not just a technology, it's magic
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL
Margot Robbie
Our account of Margot in TikTok has over 5 million likes
To my eye, it is Margot Robbie. A lot of TikToker viewers are wondering if it really is Robbie trolling people: wait……is this Margot?

Mark Frauenfelder. Boingboing
Robert Pattinson
The account of unreal Robert Pattinson is being discussed by everyone in TikTok
Although many were impressed by the similarity to the actual actor, several commenters agreed with the sentiment that “it’s honestly terrifying that people can do this with CGI.”

Georgina Smith. Dexerto
He is the one!
Keanu Reeves
The account of unreal Keanu in TikTok has 4 million followers and over 19 million likes.
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